Dallas Fobana will break all previous records

BanglaPress Desk
August 28, 2023

Noman Sabit: Bangladesh Association of North Texas (BANT) of Dallas, the organizer of the 37th Fobana Conference, is preparing to break all the records of the Fobana Conference in the United States. This year, 62 diaspora organizations are participating in the Federation of Bangladeshi Associations in North America (FOBANA) Convention, which is known as the meeting place of Bangladeshi diaspora in North America. The artists of these organizations will give endless joy to the expatriates through various entertainment programs. That’s why US expats are flocking to Dallas, Texas.

The 37th FOBANA Convention kicks off next Friday (September 1) at the Irving Convention Center in the heart of Dallas. Bangladesh Association of North Texas (BANT) is the organizer of the FOBANA Conference to be held on September 1-3 this year.
This is the biggest event to highlight the culture and tradition of Bangladesh by involving the young generation in the Mahamiln utsav of North American Bengalis and this Convention. Bunt officials are looking forward to join in the festivities and offer everyone a unique and historic conference.

Hasmat Mobin, convener of the Dallas Fobana Convention on behalf of the organizers, said that the host organization of the Convention ‘Bangladesh Association of North Texas (BANT)’ is moving ahead with their preparations. All the arrangements and preparations have been completed as per the plan. Just waiting to share in the success of a great conference with the participation of expatriates.

Fobana officials said that more than 62 Bangladeshi-American organizations in North America have already registered to participate in this conference. In addition to other events, this year’s conference includes interesting cultural programs, discussions on Bengali literature and culture, thematic meetings and seminars, business and trade discussions, book fairs, interesting poetry jalsa of expatriate poets and writers, band shows, song dramas, fashion shows, youth forums and Scholarship for students. About 20 seminars will be held, including an interesting poetry jalsa of North American poets and writers, special seminars on women empowerment and seminars on business development and import and export in the country.
About 50 artists including Mitalee Mukherjee, Kanak Chapa, Imran, Kana, Shafin Ahmed, Rizia Parveen, Shahnaz Belly, Muza, Nirjhar, Romel Ahmed and Momo have been added to the list of artists. The chairman of the cultural committee said that the list of artists may increase or decrease.

There will also be excellent performances with the participation of the new generation, ‘business network lunch’ with the participation of Bengali businessmen and entrepreneurs spread across the world including North America, discussions on immigration laws, performances by popular artists from Bangladesh and local artists, various personalities and organizations that have contributed to the Bengali diaspora society. Interesting event including awards.
The 37th Fobana convention in Dallas has caused extreme anxiety among expatriate Bangladeshis. Thousands of Bangladeshis in Dallas are waiting for that day. Not only that, thousands of expatriate Bangladeshis outside of Texas are reported to have booked hotels 1/2 month in advance to participate in the Dallas Fobana Convention.

The Bangladesh American Association of Greater Washington DC (BAGDC) has been given the responsibility as the host organization of the upcoming 2024 Fobana Convention. The leaders and workers of this organization will participate in this year’s convention in Dallas and inform about the plans for next year.