Azhari is now in USA to attend Muna conference

BanglaPress Desk
August 17, 2023

Staff Reporter: Islamic thinker and Maulana Dr. Mizanur Rahman Azhari arrived in the United States from Malaysia. The largest Muslim Ummah of North America (Muna) conference of Muslims abroad is starting on August 18 (Friday) in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA. The three-day conference will continue till August 20. In the conference, he will give his valuable analytical speech in the light of Quran and Hadith as a special speaker.

Local time on Wednesday (August 16) in Jackson Heights, New York, Moon press conference, the leaders of the convention. Mizanur Rahman informed about Azhari’s presence for the first time. Earlier, his name was not mentioned anywhere in the publicity and publicity of the conference. Bale said the organizers could not be sure as they did not have a final word with him.
Muna National Committee President Haroon Ur Rashid, Convention Chairman Arman Chowdhury CPA, Abdullah Arif, Ahmed Abu Obaidullah, Dr. Riazul Islam and Fakrul Islam Masum spoke at the press conference.

Organizers said that around 18/20 thousand devout Muslims will participate in the slogan ‘Quran’s Guidance for Humanity’. In addition to Islamic practice, the conference will have seminars, children’s programs, separate programs for women, children’s sports, cultural programs and youth programs. It is said that Islamic thinkers from 4 continents will attend the conference.