Dowry marriage be stop

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August 13, 2023

— Kousholy Ema
Dowry marriage is still prevalent in several countries of the Indian subcontinent, including Bangladesh. Especially in Bangladesh, marriage is done in public. After the negotiation of a marriage, the girl’s father and the boy’s father begin bargaining. This dowry marriage is completely illegal. There are strict laws for this. But this law is not enforced at all. As a result, dowry marriages are still going on openly everywhere in digital Bangladesh. International Women’s Day is being celebrated on March 8 all over the world including Bangladesh. If the main goal of women’s day is to protect women’s rights in family, society and state, establish equality between men and women and justice to women, then what is the purpose of this day?

On the occasion of International Women’s Day, my new song-‘Torture and oppression of women, how long do you say women, it is very important to stop dowry marriage, a country without dowry is very important’. This song sung by me will be released this year. Dowry is a social disease and evil in Bangladesh. Every day hundreds of families are suffering due to dowry. The family of the poor is constantly being broken because of not being able to meet the demands of dowry. Everyone should come forward to save the country and society from the curse of dowry. On the occasion of International Women’s Day, my new song is thinking about these things of women – ‘Torture, torture and oppression of women, how long will you wait women, it is very important to stop dowry marriage, a country without dowry is very necessary’.
A decade ago on International Women’s Day I sang a song about neglected women of the world. The lyrics of the song were like this – ‘Buk Phate To Mukh Phote Na’ That incident of the early days is no longer valid, now everyone’s mouth is open, no one’s chest is open. Who said that after seeing a shy woman, the wind of the era has changed, women don’t feel pain’. This song was released in my second album titled ‘Mati Mansoor’.
Discrimination between men and women should be eliminated by stopping violence against women. Patriarchy must be eradicated. I don’t know if any artist has sung any song in protest of dowry in Bangladesh before. However, I believe that this song sung by me in protest of dowry will leave a scar in the hearts of the people of the country.
This poisonous practice of dowry comes from the life system of the sub-continental Sanatana religionists.
According to their religion, a girl child does not inherit the father’s wealth. So the more a girl can take at the time of marriage, the more she gains. But the rules of Muslim society are clear. Daughter inherits father’s wealth. But why the existence of this blue poison called dowry in our society?
Dowry has always been a heinous crime. It is also a crime in Bangladesh law. Punishable offence. Everyone who takes and everyone knows that it is unfair, but thinking about the society and the daughter’s happiness, many families accept the unfair demands of the groom. It is also forbidden in the eyes of Islam. It is also illegal in the eyes of the state. There can be no happiness in such illicit wealth. Dowry greedy can have no dignity. Neither social status, nor religious status. Although many times due to social prestige, many cannot express their open hatred towards the dowry receiver. Hazrat Omar (RA) said, “O Muslim community! Do not demand a large dowry, pomp and dowry in marriage, for it has no dignity or value in the sight of Allah. If there was, then the Prophet (PBUH) would have married his daughter Fatima (RA)” (Tirmidhi).
A family once forced a dowry to marry of a girl. However, while raising his own daughter, he never once thought of marrying her of with dowry. No parent gives dowry willingly. However, some give gifts out of self-motivation for their children’s happiness. There is no problem in that regard in Islam. But if it is forced in any way then it is no longer halal. Therefore, it is completely illegal to demand dowry in marriage. Marriage is undoubtedly a sacred bond. It can never be a business medium or a money making medium. It is a worship. And if any worship is a means of earning someone’s money, it will be a clear innovation.
Hundreds of women’s organizations have been formed to establish women’s rights all over the world including Bangladesh. Crores of rupees are being spent for women’s liberation but day by day women are losing their dignity. The only reason for this is not obeying the orders and prohibitions of the Holy Prophet in establishing the status of women.
This curse of dowry imposed on girls on the occasion of marriage is not limited to our country only. Its spread is all over the subcontinent. That is, Bangladesh, India, Pakistan. Before 1947, the practice of dowry was rampant in the present borders of India. In this way and in this way, the practice of dowry is not found in other countries of the world.
The reason for taking dowry in our society is lack of fear of Allah and disregard and indifference to the provisions of Shariat. If there was a general sense of respect for the rules given by Islam to protect women’s dignity and financial rights, no groom’s family would have taken any initiative to accept dowry.
Dowry Bengali words, synonyms bet. Both are derived from Sanskrit. Daheez in Hindi, Udtu in English, Baynatun in Arabic, Dutwatun Mahroon etc. “Dowry is wealth paid by the girl or the girl’s family to the groom on the occasion of marriage”. (Encyclopedia Britannica). And Bangla Pedia says, “The property or money given by the bridegroom to the bridegroom or the bridegroom to the bridegroom according to the marriage contract is called dowry or pledge.” The most evil practice like dowry is a very old reform of Bengali society. At one time in Bengali Muslim society, before the 20th century, dowry or dowry did not exist as a killer of the bridegroom’s demands and torture of the bride. Basically, this culture has infiltrated the Bengali Muslim society from the Hindu culture. There is no such dowry custom in any other Muslim society in the world.
The heinous act of dowry practiced today is undoubtedly the wrath of Allah. It is widespread mainly due to social degradation. The Bangladesh government passed the Anti-Dowry Act in 1980, which is an offense under the Penal Code. One of the causes of violence against women is cursed dowry. Claiming dowry wealth is clearly illegal or haram in the eyes of Islam.
On International Women’s Day, there is a change in the status of women around. Earlier many women could not give opinion on his marriage. Could not claim custody of the child. Many did not enjoy full independence from the family. Even though women worked alongside men in the workplace, they could not spend their income independently as per their own will. But now that situation is slowly changing. Currently in Bangladesh, the presence of women in various public and private institutions is more, but still less than men. While Women’s Day is being celebrated around the world on March 8, on the other hand, some women may be victims of violence or torture. In order to overcome this, government and private steps are being taken in Bangladesh for several decades. However, it is not being implemented despite taking official action. Again those who are taking private steps are becoming project based. Above all, everyone should try to increase awareness. Besides, a woman should come forward to realize women’s rights. Besides, the family also has several roles. Women themselves also have some role to play. Women themselves will also have some responsibilities. It does not mean that you will act against men by being arbitrary. Above all, both men and women should be tolerant of each other.
Women continue to play a role in the economic activities of the country despite discrimination in socio-cultural and even psychological fields. But there are still many families in Bangladesh where women are neglected. Socially, it was not possible to create the position of women in that way, efforts are underway. If we look back a little, we can see that the VP of DUCSU in this country was a woman. Not only in the 1971 liberation war, but also in the anti-British movement, Bengali women fought shoulder to shoulder with men and became martyrs.
A woman from Bangladesh has received the Grand Master title in international chess. Bangladeshi women have flown the flag of Bangladesh at the top of Everest. Bangladesh ranks sixth in the world in terms of women’s participation in political empowerment. Bangladesh was ranked 72 out of 144 countries in the 2016 Gender Gap Report. Bangladesh is making steady progress in reducing gender inequality. Women are participating in education. The rate of female education in Bangladesh is also significant. Despite this, women are being neglected. Despite the expansion of women’s education, child marriage could not be stopped. A significant number of women in the country become mothers before the age of 18. The number of working women has increased. But women are still neglected in many cases.
There is no reason to underestimate the role of women in the development of Bangladesh. The importance of women is recognized today not only in urban or civic life, but everywhere in the country. If a comparative judgment is made, it can be seen that the empowerment of women in Bangladesh has increased a lot compared to any time in the past. Women have also played a significant role behind the wonderful rise of Bangladesh in social or economic indicators, overall development. Despite all this, there is no hesitation in admitting that discrimination has not been completely eradicated.
To get out of this situation, revolutionary changes should be made in education and socio-cultural arena. If we do not change the mentality of men, the incidents of violence against women will continue to happen, torture will not decrease. Bangladesh is one of the countries that have ratified the CDW Charter.
Accordingly, it is the responsibility of the state to prohibit all existing discriminatory activities, customs, practices and practices against women and to take legal action against individuals, institutions and groups that discriminate against women; But in reality it is being nurtured? Is the image of violence against women and violence against women in the country giving any positive indication? Women are still ignored in the society. Women should not be ignored, they should be given the respect they deserve in all areas starting from family, society.
In an event on the occasion of International Women’s Day, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina said that Islam has upheld the dignity of women. Women’s rights are mentioned the most in this religion. And these instructions came clearly. That is why there is no opportunity to stop the progress of women in the name of religion. Women should be more aware of this.
Bangladesh has become an example to the world in the development of women. Bangladesh is the only country in the world, where the prime minister, leader of the opposition and the speaker are women. The Prime Minister mentioned that no other country like this can be found in the world.
Pointing out that Bangabandhu had arranged reserved seats for women to contribute to the National Parliament, the Prime Minister said, “After I became the Prime Minister, I faced many obstacles in bringing women to various posts in the government.” Women are flying today as a result of my determination. In addition, women now occupy major positions in the police. Never before has there been a woman in the post of secretary. It is my government that has brought women to the posts of secretaries. But we have to move forward with the efforts of all men and women.
He said that 5 thousand 275 digital centers have been launched across the country. Arrangements have been made for employment of women there. We can build Sonar Bangla only with the concerted efforts of all. He said, we should not continue to look forward to anyone. We have to move forward. Self-respect must be earned through action. Head of Government, Speaker of Parliament, Leader of Opposition, Deputy Leader of Parliament are all women.
There is no such precedent anywhere in the world.
The Prime Minister said, I want to develop Bangladesh as a developed country. Everyone in the society should improve the country together. Islam has allowed women to advance. Islam has a history of glorifying women. Sheikh Hasina said that Bangabandhu had introduced 10 percent quota for women in employment. Provided free education to women. After coming to power in 2010, there is no initiative to strengthen the local government process from the grass root level. I have done the process for women to come to Upazila Parishad. I have arranged for women to come in all areas of local government.
At this time, the Prime Minister mentioned the presence of women in the three forces, women in the court of judges, women pilots and two women winning gold in swimming and weightlifting for Bangladesh. International Women’s Day is being celebrated this year with the theme of equal rights for men and women.
Behind the celebration of Women’s Day is the history of the struggle for the rights of women workers. Women’s Day started on March 8, 1857. The women workers of a needle factory in New York, United States, raised their demands to reduce the working day from 12 hours to 8 hours, to ensure fair wages and a healthy and hygienic work environment. Many women were arrested for protesting that day. Many were tortured in prison. Three years later, on the same day in 1860, the “Women’s Workers’ Union” was formed.
In 1908, about one and a half thousand women workers of garment and textile factories protested for the same demand. Finally got the right to work 8 hours a day. On this day in 1910, German leader Clara Zetkin announced March 8 as International Women’s Day at the International Socialist Conference held in Copenhagen, Denmark. Since then, the day has been celebrated as International Women’s Day all over the world.
In 1975, the United Nations started celebrating the International Women’s Day on March 8 as International Women’s Day. Two years later in 1977, the United Nations officially recognized the day as International Women’s Day. Since then, the day has been celebrated all over the world with a pledge to reaffirm women’s equal rights. Bangladesh also observes the day with due dignity every year.

Kousholy Ema: US expatriate contemporary and folk singer. Director: Sangeet Academy, Connecticut, USA