No one stopped Taslima to listening Sabina’s songs in New York

BanglaPress Desk
July 31, 2023

Staff Reporter: No one stopped controversial writer Taslima Nasreen from attending Sabina Yasmin’s solo concert in New York. There was no restriction even to come to the venue. This information has been revealed by searching a Facebook status containing Taslima Nasreen’s complaint.

On July 15 (Saturday) evening, Sabina Yasmin’s solo concert was held at Mary Louis Academy in Jamaica. When the program started, the auditorium was filled to capacity. Sabina Yasmin’s concert had a huge response among the New York diaspora almost two weeks ago. All tickets for entry to the venue are sold out in advance. The PG group of New York organized the solo concert of the best singer of the country Sabina Yasmin for the first time in New York.

On July 18, Writer Taslima Nasreen complained on her Facebook status that the famous Bangladeshi singer Sabina Yasmin will sing at The Mary Louis Academy in Jamaica on July 15 in the evening. An expatriate Bengali gave me the news. I have been listening to Sabina Yasmin’s songs since childhood on radio, television, movies. She will sing on the stage and I am very interested to listen to his songs while sitting in the audience. I jumped for joy and wanted to buy a ticket. The Bengali said he will inform me about the news. Oh mother, after a while he called and said that he told the Bengali organizers that I will watch the show, I want to buy tickets, the organizers have told me not to go to Jamaica area, tickets will not be sold to me, and even if I buy tickets, I will be allowed to enter the hall. will not.
–What is the reason?

— Why don’t you understand?

— No, I don’t understand.

— Because you are Taslima Nasreen.

Talked about this complaint with Partha Gupta, the owner of PG Group in New York. He said, writer Taslima Nasreen wanted to buy tickets from whom? Partha Gupta does not know who did not give her the ticket, who prevented her from coming to the event. He said, Sabina Yasmin is one of the best singer of the country and a living legend. No one has the right to force anyone to don’t listen to her music. Especially on the soil of the United States, there is no question of such an incident. He believed that none of those who were involved with him in the event had the authority to make such a decision. Taslima Nasreen is a respected writer but her allegations are completely false and fabricated, said Partha Gupta.