Bangladesh’s call to UN to end Israel’s illegal occupation of Palestine

BanglaPress Desk
July 28, 2023

Noman Sabit: The Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) expresses its grave concern at the rapidly deteriorating situation in the Occupied Palestinian Territory. Concrete measures, consistent with Security Council Resolutions must be enacted in order to bring an end to this illegal Israeli occupation in Palestine territory and ensure lasting peace and justice for the people of Palestine”-said Ambassador Muhammad Abdul Muhith, Permanent Representative of Bangladesh to the United Nations in New York while addressing today at the Security Council’s open debate on‘ Middle East including the question of Palestine’ as the acting Chair of OIC.
Drawing attention to the recent escalations of Israeli aggression in the Jenin refugee camp which resulted in scores of civilian casualties, including women and children as well widespread destruction of vital civilian infrastructure, Ambassador Muhith unequivocally condemned these constant state of aggressions against the Palestinian people. He stressed that such aggressions not only violate the most basic human rights of the Palestinians but also undermine their access to essential services, erode their economic development potential, and pose a serious affront to their human dignity.
Permanent Representative underscored the urgency of establishing accountability for these actions, as the lack of consequences has emboldened Israel to continue breaching international law. On behalf of the OIC, he reiterated the group’s firm call for a complete halt to all Israeli settlement activities and demanded for a full, transparent, and independent investigation into the crimes being perpetrated by Israel against the Palestinian people. He further reiterated OIC’s urgent call for international protection for the Palestinian people, in line with international law, including Security Council resolution 904 (1994) and the recommendations made by the Secretary-General in his 2018 report to the General Assembly on protection of the Palestinian civilian population.
In addition to representing the OIC’s position, Ambassador Muhith also spoke in his national capacity and reaffirmed Bangladesh’s unwavering and steadfast support for the inalienable rights of the Palestinian people. He expressed Bangladesh’s unflinching commitment to the global efforts in achieving a just and lasting solution to the legitimate aspirations of the people of Palestine through the establishment of an independent, viable and sovereign Palestinian State.