Auditorium is full of audience
Sabina Yasmin made New York drunk with old days songs

BanglaPress Desk
July 18, 2023

Noman Sabit : Sabina Yasmin, one of the best singer of the country, intoxicated the expatriate audience in New York, USA with the songs of old days. The auditorium was packed to the brim when Sabina Yasmin’s solo concert began last Saturday (July 15) evening at the Marie Louis Academy in Jamaica, New York. Around two weeks ago, there was a huge response among New York expats around his concert. All tickets for entry to the venue are sold out in advance.
The PG group of New York organized the solo concert of the best musician Sabina Yasmin for the first time in New York. Sabina Yasmine arrived in New York last Tuesday morning (July 11) to attend the event. Co-artistJahangir Sayed came to New York with him.

Shukla Dutta, chairman of PG Group, gave a welcome speech at the beginning of the program in the joint presentation of Ashraful Hasan Bulbul and Hafsa Imam, popular presenters of New York.

Sabina Yasmin’s co-artist Jahangir Sayed, who came with her from the country, performed music on the stage before Sabina Yasmin on Saturday evening. Then Sabina Yasmin, one of the best singer of the country came on stage. She kept the audience enthralled till midnight with all his songs from popular yesteryears and silver screen classics. Instrumental accompaniment to the artist is- Partha Gupta (Keyboard), Debu Chowdhury (Tabla), Richard (Drums), Mahfuz (Bass Guitar), Johan (Guitar) and Rakesh Banerjee (Octopad).

Before performing the song, She mentioned the name of the lyricist and composer of each song and explained the context of making those songs to the expatriate audience. The artist has traveled to different countries of the world for singing. Among them England, Sweden, Norway, Hong Kong, America, Bahrain etc. Besides, She has traveled many times to India, Pakistan. She has also sung in different languages. Sabina Yasmin Gazi acted in Mazharul Anwar’s movie Ulka.
Apart from Bangladeshi film songs, She has established herself as one of the best music artists in the country by singing in various genres, from patriotic songs to classical, classical, folk and modern Bengali songs. She has won 14 National Film Awards and 6 Bacchus Awards for her voice in film songs. She was awarded the Ekushey Padak, the second highest civilian state honor in 1984, and the Freedom Award, the highest civilian state honor in 1996, for her contribution to the music branch of art.

Also Sabina Yasmin has been awarded many times for her contribution to music. Ekushe Padak in 1984, Independence Day Award in 1996, National Film Award in total 14, Bacchus Award in total 6, BFJA Award in 1991. Uttam Kumar Award in 1991, HMV Double Platinum Disc, Received ‘Doctorate’ Degree in Music from World Development Organization in 1984, Zaheer Raihan Film Award in 1974 and 1975, Film Poobani Film Award in 1975, Sher Bangla Memorial Medal in 1990, Astrology Award in 1992, Zia Smriti Medal in 1992 and ‘Best Singer’ Award from New York, Los Angeles. 2017 10th Standard Chartered-The Daily Star Lifetime Achievement Award
Partha Gupta, the owner of PG Group, said that 90 percent of the tickets were sold a week before the event and all the tickets were sold the day before the event. Some spectators were in trouble without getting tickets.
He said, this time we have sold tickets at a low price. Tickets were priced at $20, $30, $50 and $100. Partha and his team who worked tirelessly to make this event a success are all feeling satisfied seeing the packed audience.
Partha Gupta alleged that Sabina Yasmin was prevented from coming to New York by calling several New York businessmen directly to thwart Sabina Yasmin’s solo concert. She even sent text messages to her manager saying various things. They are former business partners of Partha, he said. Ignoring all their obstacles, Sabina Yasmin rushed to New York with the love of expatriates.
They have succeeded in the first event of this year. Partha Gupta thanked all the sponsors, well-wishers and well-wishers for this. Also, he thanked all print, electronic media and all concerned.