AL’s Mohiuddin got bail after serving two days prison life in New York

BanglaPress Desk
July 16, 2023

Staff Reporter: Awami League leader Mohiuddin Dewan, who was arrested on suspicion of involvement in the fight, was released on bail from the New York court after two days of prison life. He returned home after receiving bail from a court in Queens, New York on Friday (July 24), family sources said.

Awami League leader Mohiuddin Dewan was arrested at 110 Queens Precinct of the New York City Police Department last Wednesday (July 12) afternoon on suspicion of involvement in the fight at the Bangladesh Society Executive Committee meeting in New York. That afternoon, he went to the New York City Police Department’s Queens Precinct to give a statement about the fight. He is the organizing secretary of the United States Awami League and the vice-president of the executive committee of the Bangladesh Society.

Last Sunday, July 2, in the meeting of the executive committee of the Bangladesh Society, an argument and a fight took place between Mohiuddin Dewan and the treasurer of the organization, Naushed Hossain. At one point, there was an incident of throwing chairs and water bottles between both of them. At that time, the president of the organization Abdur Rob Mia and general secretary Ruhul Amin Siddiqui could not stop them despite many efforts. Naushed Hossain was injured in this incident. His supporters attacked Mohiuddin. At one stage of the conflict, the chair came and hit the other vice-president Farooq Chowdhury. Sports Editor Moinul Uddin Mahbub could not stop the angry Mohiuddin even by hugging him. Deputy General Secretary Aminul Islam was injured in the shooting. After the fight, the president shook hands with both of them. At one point Mohiuddin Dewan left the meeting and left.
In the meantime, Naushed’s finger was swollen and he called the police. At that time, the incident was reported to the police. First aid was given to his finger inside the ambulance.

The police was investigating Naushed’s complaint regarding the unpleasant incident at the Bangladesh Society meeting on July 2. Last Wednesday, the New York City Police Department asked him to appear before the Queens Precinct Police over the phone. When he went to appear, the police arrested him. Mohiuddin’s family members are said to be contacting lawyers for bail.