James best of era concert in New York

BanglaPress Desk
June 6, 2023

Noman Sabit: The popular singer of the country James, who is famous for Nagar Baul, beat the expatriate Bangladeshis from four states in New York. local time on Sunday (June 4) at the Amazura Auditorium in Jamaica, New York. Popular singer James’ solo concert organized by Show Times Music had a packed audience. In addition to New York, expats flocked from neighboring Connecticut, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania to hear James sing.

Long queues start in the afternoon to enter the concert. The audience had to wait in line for hours. In the evening, the program was inaugurated by the heroic freedom fighter Abu Zafar Mahmud. Rahat Muktadir, Raihan Zaman, Shah Newaz, Ghiyas Ahmed, Asef Bari, Nurul Azim, Helal Mia, Tarek Hasan Khan, Billal Chowdhury, Dulal Beadu and Mofizur Rahman were present on the stage as special guests. Then James came on stage. He performed 13 best and popular songs one by one. The audience started dancing to the rhythm of the song. Towards the end of the show, when he started singing his popular Hindi movie song ‘Vigi Vigi’, the audience was instantly lost in the magic of the tune.

At the event, James also serenaded the audience with popular songs like ‘Padma Patar Jal’, ‘Guru Ghar Banaila Ki Diya’, ‘Mayer’. The audience also started singing these songs along with Nagar Baul. James then started with the song ‘Kavita Tu Swapnacharini’. He sang Deewana Mastana, Guru Ghar Banaila Ki Diya, followed by ‘Maa’. Meera Bai, Taray Taray, crazy air, the audience was crazy. It was difficult to handle the audience who danced and swayed and broke the dam with joy.

This time after four years, popular singer James, famous for Nagar Bowl, sang in a solo concert in New York. After 2018, Han Gowni James will perform in New York again. In addition to listening to music, his old fans flocked from different states to catch a glimpse of James.
Hundreds of viewers and listeners mentioned that James’ solo concert this time can undoubtedly be called the best concert of this era. Alamgir Khan Alam, owner of show time music, frankly admitted this. He said the number of visitors was more than I expected. The success is not only mine, but all sponsors, journalists and behind-the-scenes staff. Without their support, it would have been difficult for me to organize such a big event alone.