Bangladeshi police officer released after threatening to kill his wife in New York

BanglaPress Desk
April 9, 2022

Staff Reporter: A Bangladeshi police officer accused of threatening to kill his wife in New York has been acquitted. The officer was charged with felony criminal mischief for firing on a woman with a shotgun on the head. Police officer Sazal Roy was arrested in May 2020 for threatening to shoot his ex-wife, expatriate singer Roxana Mirza, in the head during an argument at his home in Queens Village, New York.

Police then said that Sazal Roy tried to suffocate his wife with a pillow. Sazal told the US media that he had not done anything that his ex-wife had alleged or said.
Sazal Roy’s lawyer says the allegations from Roy’s ex-wife could cause irreparable damage
He has been employed at a desk for the past two years, with his gun and other weapons deposited. His ex-wife’s complaint made it almost impossible for him to follow other emotions. Her lawyer, Stu London, noted that she had stopped singing and had lost her credibility in society. He has successfully attacked his reputation in the society.
Sazal repeatedly told his lawyer that he wanted to be completely free and would not apply for a lower charge or accept a stay considering his dismissal.

According to London, the wife kept changing her story, including when things happened.
Sazal Roy is also an expatriate musician. In 2012, he won the Star Search, a music star competition organized by a New York-based Bengali TV channel. Sazal joined the New York Police Force in 2016.
Based on Roxana Mirza’s allegations, police said that on March 1, 2020, Sazal had a domestic violence incident with his wife Roxana. Sazal was arrested from his home in Queens in May 2020 after his wife did not immediately file a complaint against him, but later complained to police about the abuse. Sazal was fired shortly after the allegations were made and police are investigating the allegations.

Accused police officer Sazal Roy told a local English daily that his wife’s allegations against him were not true. Sazal Roy has been working at 105 Precinct since 2016 and was later promoted to Transit Commander in Brooklyn.