Connecticut’s BAAC take back Corona relief after took picture (With Video)

BanglaPress Desk
July 20, 2020

Staff Reporter: A Bangladeshi organization in Connecticut has been accused of cheating expatriates by distributing corona relief in the United States in the name of helping the epidemic coronavirus. The Bangladeshi American Association of Connecticut (BAAC) took pictures of the food in the hands of people’s in the name of distributing corona relief and took it back after took picture and later the food items were returned to the same purchased shop. AK Mezbah Uddin, a former public relations secratary at BAAC, leaked the shocking information at a local gathering at a restaurant auditorium in East Hartford on Saturday (July 18th). He said he did not know if anyone in the world had done such a heinous and degrading thing.
In his written statement, Mezbah Uddin said that before and after the election of the Bangladeshi American Association of Connecticut (BAAC), the leaders said they had promised to unite the divided community of Connecticut and build BAAC’s own building and Muslim Graveyard (Cemetery). They have not taken any such initiative in the last two years. By creating a syndicate of unscrupulous businessmen in Connecticut, the division has quadrupled rather than united the community. He noted that four more organizations had made their debut in Connecticut due to their anti-social and immoral activities and the arbitrariness of some greedy, unscrupulous, anti-social and feminist people in the current committee of BAAC.

He added that last year (2019) the hall was rented out to a landlocked organization in Bridgeport using BAAC’s insurance (for money) to celebrate the Pohela Baishakh. Which is completely immoral and unconstitutional. The incident reached a stalemate for another event. Because another organization there had announced to celebrate Bengali New Year at Bridgeport about 6 months ago. There was a groundbreaking exchange of speeches with an unnamed organization that drew a lot of criticism from Connecticut residents. It is not the ancestral property of anyone to use the insurance of the organization or anything else.


Mezbah mentioned that he participated in the election of the Bangladeshi American Association of Connecticut (BAAC) on 13 October 2018 with the aim of serving the local expatriates and was elected as the Publicity and Public Relations Secretary without contest. Protesting against BAACs anti-social and immoral activities from the very beginning deprived him of that position or responsibility. Some people have turned this special organization into a business syndicate. They are holding the organization hostage and dividing the community day by day.
He said BAAC is a completely a non political and secular organization. This organization has a glorious tradition. Due to some greedy people, this organization is losing its tradition today. Before the last election, they did not hesitate to make vulgar remarks against the esteemed members of the society, including lawsuits, in order to establish so-called leadership for their own personal interests.


Mezbah asked why they was not given the post of public relations secretary. In December last year (2019), he informed everyone, including the president, via email, but neither the president nor anyone else on the committee responded. He has always been outspoken in his protest against the injustice, irregularities, corruption and arbitrariness of BAAC, and they have not removed him from office, nor have they fired him from the committee.
As of today, he has resigned as the Public Relations Secretary of the Bangladeshi American Association of Connecticut (BAAC). From now on, BAAC will not be able to use his name as public relations Secratry anywhere, he said.


He strongly condemned the outrageous Bangladeshis living in Connecticut for such a heinous, degrading and disgusting act by the Bangladeshi American Association of Connecticut (BAAC).

Among the leaders of the Bangladeshi community in Connecticut are Mir Sabbir Ahmed, Saad Chowdhury Babu, Mir Azam, Halim Akbar, Harun Ahmed, Anwar Mandal, Shafi Alam, Mollah Bahauddin Pial, Shamsuzzaman Dulal, Anwar Hossain Himu, Ariful Islam Nipun, Mohammad Hossain Swapan, Yusuf Mahir and people’s from different walks of life were present at the time.