Farooque – The Unforgettable Years

BanglaPress Desk
May 13, 2018

Aside from starring credits in many super hit films and winning National Film Awards, veteran actor Farooque’s career has shaped an important legacy. Today, the actor looks back on a life enriched by not just fame and awards, but stories and relationships within and outside the film industry. In a recent conversation with The Daily Star, Farooque takes a walk down the memory lane.

He recalls, “The most important film in my career was Shujon Shokhi. It was such a hit; I clearly remember that it was screened in cinemas for six months after its release. I watched it for the first time in Jonaki Cinema Hall. What a treat it was, to watch the audience react!” Farooque still sees the film as one of the proudest moments in his career.

“People began calling me Shujon ever since. One day, I was driving to FDC when I had to stop at a train signal. An elderly man came up to me, clasped my hand between his and said, ‘Shujon, you are in my prayers.’ I carry that moment close to my heart.”

He also spoke about the shooting of Lathiyaal, and how huge crowds would assemble to watch the cast on the sets. “I remember it made our work more challenging, so much so that the police arrived on the scene to control the crowds. But to our dismay, they were beating the poor people to send them away. We insisted for them to stop, but our requests fell on deaf ears. A police baton struck my arm by mistake, leaving behind a scar that still exists today.”

The acclaimed actor further recalls how the environment of FDC was quite different back in the day. He feels that the spirit of the FDC has lessened over the years. Actors shared a beautiful friendship beyond work, and they would mingle and catch up in between takes. “During birthdays we would get together at our homes to celebrate. Furthermore, how can any of us forget our visits to Nayak Raj Razzak’s house? Those were truly the golden years, of our lives and of the film industry in Bangladesh,” says a nostalgic Farooque.