BanglaPress Desk
May 13, 2018

From the biggest to the smallest of details that we appreciate and hate for them to pick up on, we often forget how much our mums do for us. In fact, when was the last time you thanked her for just being a mom? With an entire day set to the celebration of Motherhood –yes in case you have forgotten, this coming Sunday, the 13th of May, is Mother’s Day– why not try out something different; make her something special, or maybe get something custom made that not only serves the purpose but she can later flaunt to other’s on how thoughtful (for a change) you were. Here are a few ideas on how to make this Mother’s Day special. 



Get her, her own customised bedsheet set that is embroidered with the initials of her name- nothing that a quick trip to your trusted embroidery guy at Chadni Chawk, or Priyangan near New Market cannot do. To go the extra mile, get a quote about motherhood embroidered on the pillows. And if you just want to be your mom’s favourite for the coming few weeks, get her towels embroidered too.


Although this can be a little tricky but let’s remember; your mum will love it! Take her to Clay Station and spend the day making a hand out of polymer clay. Using acrylic paint colour, paint it to your heart’s content. Instant jewellery tray for mummy dearest, where she can keep her little trinkets! Think of it as a way of spending time with her outside the house, just the two of you without having her worry about if the handyman fixed that leaking faucet or that pot she left on the stove.


This is a personal favourite! Lockets shaped in the form of letters. This makes for a perfect mother-daughter gift. For girls, buy lockets with the initials of your own and mom’s name. You can wear the one with your mum’s initials and vice versa. For guys, trust me nothing will make your mom more emotional than knowing that she can wear your initials around her neck.


Ditch the spas and pampering plans and take her out for an evening around the city. Think of it as recreating one of your own childhood memories from when you were young and your parents would take you on rickshaw rides around Dhaka City. Eat fuchka at the Shahid Minaar, visit the museums, and stroll through the alleys of Old Dhaka eating bakarkhani and Beauty’s Lassi. Eat jhaal muri at Lalbagh Fort. Travel only by rickshaw or on foot, retracing your steps down memory lane and soaking in all the culture with her.

In short, make a memory out of the day that you can later use as leverage when you need a little extra pocket money. Finish the day off with a movie of her choice of course (as unbearable as it can be, imagine all those times she sat through you watching Breaking Bad instead of catching up on her favourite soap) and dinner somewhere nice because sometimes even she needs a day off and not worry about leaky faucets and unwashed dishes!